Management Subjective Questions: Forms of Organization – Structure and Departmentalization

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you mean by Organization – Structure? [Unveil. Of Raj. 2001]

2. What is Line Organization? [Unvi. Of Raj. , 2007,2000]

3. What is the meaning of Functional Organization?

4. Define ‘Project Organization’ .

5. Write the meaning of Matrix Organization. [Unvi. Of Raj. , 2007,2002]

6. Define ‘Organization Chart’ .

7. What is Master Organization Chart?

8. What is organization Manual?

9. Explain the difference in Organization Chart and Organization Manual.

10. Write the meaning of Departmentalization.

11. What is Line & Staff Organization?

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you understand by ‘Organization Structure’ ?

2. Explain difference in pure and Departmental Line Organization.

3. What is the difference in Line Organization and Line and Staff Organization?

[Univ. of Raj. , 2002]

4. Write any five characteristics of Project Organization.

5. What is Committee Organization? Discuss the type of Committee Organization.

6. Write the advantages of ′ Organization Chart.

7. What do you understand by ‘Organization Manual’ ?

8. What do you understand by ‘Departmentalization’ ?

Essay Type Questions

1. What is meant by Organization – Structure? Describe the factors determining organization – structure. [Univ. of Raj. , 2005]

2. Explain the different forms of Organization – Structure in brief.

3. What is Line and Staff Organization? Critically explain it.

4. Write an essay on ‘Functional Organization’ ?

5. What is Matrix Organization? Discus the advantages and disadvantages of Matrix Organization.

6. What is Committee Organization? Write its types, merits and demerits.

7. What is Organization Chart? Discuss advantages and disadvantages of Organization Chart.

8. What do you mean by Departmentalization? Explain in brief the basis (types) of departmentalization.