Management Subjective Questions: Functions Areas of Management

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. Discuses Functional Areas of Management according to Henry Fayola.

2. What is production Management?

3. What do you understand by, Marketing Management ′ ?

4. Discuss any five activities of Human Resource Management.

5. What is the meaning of Material Management?

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Which activities are including in the areas of Production Management?

2. What do you understand by ′ Financial Management?

3. Explain the meaning of Material and Purchase Management.

4. Write a shorty note on ‘Transport Management’ .

5. Discuss the meaning and activities of Maintenance Management.

Essay Type Questions

1. Discuss the Functional Areas of Management in brief.

2. Discuss the Functional Areas of Business and Non – business Management.

3. Write an essay:

(i) Functional Areas of Business Management, and

(ii) Functional Areas of Non – business Management.