Nature and Significance of Management, Characteristics, Objectives, Importance, Functions

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1. What is meant by management?

2. Name any two important characteristics of management.

3. Identify and state the force that binds all the other functions of management.

4. List any two indicators of growth of an organisation.

5. Ritu is the manager of the northern division of a large corporate house. At what level does she work in the organisation? What are her basic functions?

6. State the basic features of management as a profession.

7. Why is management considered to be a multi-dimensional concept?

8. Coordination is the essence of management. Do you agree? Give reasons.

9. Management is considered to be both an art and science. Explain.

10. Do you think management has the characteristics of a full-fledged profession?

11. “A successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.” Explain.

12. Management is a series of continuous interrelated functions. Comment.