Management Subjective Questions: Organizational Change and Development

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What do you understand by ā€˜Organization Changeā€™ ?

2. What is Management of Change? [Univ. of Raj. , 2009,07, 05]

3. Explain difference in Internal and External Change.

4. What is organizational Development? [Univ. of Raj. , 2005]

5. What do you mean by Transactional Analysis?

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Discuss any four characteristics of Organizational Change.

2. What is Intentional and Imposed Changes?

3. Define ā€˜Organizational Developmentā€™ .

4. ā€œOrganizational Development is a process of solving organization problemsā€ . How?

5. What is the difference in Organization Development and Management Development? [Univ. of Raj. , 2004]

Essay Type Questions

1. What do you mean by Organizational Change? Discuss its nature and recent trend.

2. What is the meaning of Organizational Development? Describe its characteristics.

3. Define ā€˜Organization Developmentā€™ . Discuss the importance of organization development.

4. What do you mean by Organization Development? Explain the process and phase of organization development.

5. What do you mean by Management of Change? What are forces that affect the Management of Changes?