Management Subjective Important Questions for Exam: Planning

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. Generally what do you mean by planning? [B. Com. (Hons.) , 2005]

2. What is imposed planning? [Univ. of Raj. , B. Com. , 2009,2006]

3. What is the meaning of Strategic planning?

4. What is the meaning of planning – process?

5. What is Administrative planning? [Univ. of Raj. , 2001]

6. What is the principle of Navigational Changes of planning?

7. Explain Schedule.

8. Define ‘Policies’ . [Univ. of Raj. , 2006]

9. Write the types of Programme.

10. Write Full Name of – PERT, C. P. M.

11. What do you mean by Project?

12. Write the assumptions of Waiting Line Theory.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is Basis of Planning – Forecasting?

2. Explain the differences in Strategic and Functional Planning.

3. Discuss the types of planning on the basis of period.

4. Discuss the difference in Short – term and long – term Planning.

5. Describe any two principles of planning.

6. What are the differences in policies and Objectives?

8. What is the difference between Methods and Procedures?

9. Discuss four characteristics of a Good Planning.

10. What do you understand by ‘Break – Even Analysis’ ?

11. What is Critical Path Method?

12. Explain the four limitations of planning. [Univ. of Raj. , B. Com. , 2002]

Essay Type Questions

1. What is Concept of planning? Describe the nature & Importance of Planning.

[B. Com. (Hons.) , 2005]

2. Define ‘Planning’ . Emphasis on Need and Importance of Planning.

[Univ. of Raj. , 2007]

3. Discuss the meaning of Planning and its types of brief.

4. Distinguish in:

(i) Planning and Forecasting

(ii) Procedures and policies

(iii) Strategic and Functional Planning

(iv) Long – term and Short – term planning

5. What is planning? Explain the steps involved in Planning Process.

[Univ. of Raj. , 2005,2001]

6. “Planning is fundamentally choosing, and planning problem arises, when an alternative course of action is discovered.” Explain this statement and write planning Process.

7. What do you understand by ‘planning’ ? Discuss the principles of planning in brief. [Univ. of Raj. , 2003]

8. Discuss the meaning, nature and scope of planning.

9. What do you understand by ‘planning’ ? Discuss the principles of planning.

10. Discuss characteristics of a good or effective planning.

11. Emphasis on Tools and Techniques of planning.

12. Describe the Advantages and Limitations of Planning.