Management Subjective Important Questions: Principles of Management

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is the meaning of principles of Management?

2. Discuss any two nature of Principles of Management.

3. Principles are different from rules. How?

4. What is the principles of specialization?

5. Explain the principles of Order of Management.

6. What is the principle of Espirit – de – corps?

7. What is difference in principles of Management and Management – skill?

8. Explain the Principle of Equity Management?

9. What is the Principle of unity of direction? [B. Com. (Hons.) , 2005]

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Generally, what is the meaning of principles?

2. “Principles of Management are fundamental truth, not absolute” . How?

3. Principles of management are different from policies, Rules and Techniques. How?

4. Explain the difference in Unity of Command and Unity of Direction.

5. Explain the Management՚s Principles of Scalar Chain.

Essay Type Questions

1. Define ‘Principles of Management’ . Describe its nature.

2. What is Management? Discuss the principle of management.

3. Explain the Principles of Management propounded by Henry Fayola.

4. “Principles of Management are flexible, not rigid.” Clarify this statement and discuss the principles of management.

5. Define ‘Management’ . Write the importance of Principles of Management.