Research Scholar Questions Questionnaire Framing and Multidimensional Scaling Question

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For every question,

(i) Design a research plan and

(ii) Frame a questionnaire for the following issues:

1. “Or. Reddy՚s is interested to explore a new product in the Indian market in Oncology segment” Make a questionnaire to analyze the feasibility of the new product before it is going to be launched.

2. Design a questionnaire to “evaluate customer satisfaction/service qualify at TVS customer care unit at Ranchi city” .

3. ″ Mr. Deshmukh Is a Manager for a brand of shampoo in the market working with Hindustan Uniliver Ltd. and posting at Mumbai. He wants to conduct a survey to find out what is the ″ current perception of customers about this product ″ Prepare a questionnaire to know the current perception of the brand of shampoo.

4. “Godrej Prakiti is going to launch a new building project of ′ Environment friendly intelligent living beside river Ganga in outs cart Kolkata city” .

Design a questionnaire to evaluate the needs of the end users/customers who are going to live in this upcoming project.

5. “Govt. of India is announced to replace Petrol and Diesel cars by electric one by 2030” .

Design a questionnaire to know the need of the customers in the upcoming electric vehicle.

6. You are made in charge of a research group constituted by your company for ‘identifying factors affecting employee loyalty in your organization’ .

(iii) Outline the research process that you will follow for this study.

(iv) Suggest a suitable sampling plan for the study with proper justifications.

7. An agency is conducting a study to “identify the influences on the brand choice while buying a shampoo among students of a fully residential University” .

(iii) Outline the research process that you will follow for this study.