Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships

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Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships are awarded by the Aligarh Muslim University, a premier university of India, founded in 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, with a motive of enhancing higher education to Muslim students in India. Aligarh Muslim University has today a total of around 88 departments providing quality education in various different areas like Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Commerce, Law, Theology, Life Sciences, Unani Medicine, Agriculture, Business Management and Science.

Five colleges are there viz. A K Tibbiya College, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College, J N Medical College, Womenีšs College, Zakir Hussain College of Enginering & Technology that function under the aegis of the Aligarh Muslim University. Also, the Aligarh Muslim University also executes various Polytechnics and schools to increase education among Muslims in India.

Scholarships at Aligarh Muslim University are granted to students at both the graduate as well as postgraduate levels. Scholarships will be provided to meritorious and needy students and to cover expenses related to their desired fields of study.

Eligibility Criteria for Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships

  • Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships are awarded by the Aligarh Muslim University to the meritorious and the needy students studying in different departments of the university. Scholarships are also there for the female students.
  • Eligibility criteria and the scholarship amount for the different scholarships are fixed by the university and may change with time.

Duration of Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships

Duration of the Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships usually covers the whole period of study of a student. And some scholarships may also cover a specific period of study. Details pertaining to the duration of scholarships are usually intimated to the candidates during admission.

Application for Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships

Applications for Aligarh Muslim University Scholarships are usually made by the candidate at time of admission. The University guides the student regarding the various application procedures.


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