Bharat Petroleum Corporation Scholarship for Higher Studies

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The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Scholarship for Higher Studies was organised by the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) , which is a public sector unit of the Indian government, Bharat Petroleum Corporation of India Limited or BPCL came into force in August 1997, due to the renaming of Bharat Refineries Limited. Bharat Refineries Limited was in turn formed when the Government of India took over the Burmah Shell Group of Companies in January 1976.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited grant scholarships for higher studies to students of outstanding merit result having strong desire and the motivation to transcend boundaries in their selected areas of study. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited takes great initiatives in the field of education to award financial aid to students who approach the organization for furthering their educational plans.

Scholarships for Higher Studies by The Bharat Petroleum Corporation will be granted to those Indian students who are curious to pursue their post graduation studies either in India or abroad. Applications for scholarships are called for by BPCL every year and the next round of applications will be notified during September-October 2007.

Criteria for Eligibility Incase of BPCL Scholarships for Higher Studies Are Stated Below

  • Age of Candidates seeking scholarships should not be more than 25 years.
  • Candidates should have scored minimum of 60 % marks in graduation.
  • Candidates who are already registered in a full time post graduation degree course can only apply. Students doing post graduation in fine arts are however not be eligible to apply for the scholarships.
  • Scholarships are not awarded for studying research or attaining a Ph. D degree.

Value of Scholarships

The amount of financial aid under the scholarship changes with different case and depends completely on the iscretion of BPCL.

Application Procedure for BPCL Scholarships Are Quoted Below

  • Application forms for the BPCL Scholarships are available online twice during the year i.e.. . Once between 1st May- 31st May and then again between 1st September and 30th September. Applications received by BPCL after the due date will not be considered.
  • Applications sent by post or mail are liable to be rejected.
  • Photographs and documents should not be sent with the application in the starting. Those who are called for the interview will be asked to submit these documents.
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