Canada Commonwealth Scholarships from External Scholarship Division, MHRD

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The Canada Commonwealth Fellowships are endowments given by the External Scholarships Division of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. Of India. The Department has an expertise in the arrangements for huge number of international scholarships to Indian students by the foreign governments, this also covers Commonwealth countries as well.

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships are valid in Canada for Master՚s and Doctoral Degree in the subjects quoted below:

  • Political science
  • International relations with particular emphasis on Canada-India relations.
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Health Science/Pharmaceutical Science
  • Law
  • Environmental Studies
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Economic Planning
  • Social Administration/Sociology
  • Geography


A maximum of 20 nominations, inclusive of 12 nominations for carrying on with studies at the Master՚s level should be sent to the Canadian Bureau for International Education under the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Plan.

  • Candidates age should not be more than 40 years of as on the 30th September.
  • Candidates should have an Indian nationality.
  • Candidates must have an English medium schooling background.
  • For a Master՚s Degree the candidate should have a First Class Bachelor՚s degree in Engineering/Architecture/Medicine and Pharmacy.
  • For Ph. D Degree, the candidates should have a high second class in post-graduation in the respective field.
  • Candidates must have both written and verbal proficiency in one of the official languages of Canada i.e.. . English or French.
  • Candidates, whose mother tongue is not English and who wanted to study in such university where English is spoken officially, must qualify in the TOEFL exam.


The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships will be granted to those students who wants to pursue a master՚s or doctoral degree in Canada. The tenure for the master՚s degree is however 2 years, And that for the doctoral degree is 4 calendar years. There are also other special non-renewable scholarships for conducting research work in Canada for a maximum period of 12 months.

Value of Scholarship

Each scholarship covers the following

  • Travel, living and study expenses incurred for the scholar.
  • Candidate fare to Canada and return as well.
  • Tuition and other compulsory university fees.
  • Maintenance allowance for the scholar.
  • Medical and hospital expenses incurred which are officially granted.
  • Cost of books, partial research and equipment allowances will be covered.

Application Procedure

The duly completed application along with attested copies of degrees as well as diplomas can be sent to:

The Section Officer, ES 4, Section, External Scholarships Division, Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, A − 2/W − 4, Curzon Road Barracks, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110 001