Civil Aviation Scholarships of Govt. Of India

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The Civil Aviation Scholarships of Govt. Of India is a scheme for providing the financial help to the deserving candidates of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe categories. The scholarships will be given for the training courses in flying and thereby help the candidates in availing a Private Pilot՚s License from flying clubs or flying schools.

Eligibility Criteria for the Civil Aviation Scholarships of Govt. Of India

For getting the Civil Aviation Scholarship of the Govt. Of India, candidates should fulfill the conditions quoted below:

  • Candidates must have passed 10 + 2 with Mathematics and Physics as mendatory subjects.
  • Candidates must be in the age group of 17 to 20 years.
  • Candidates must have Indian nationality.
  • The family i.e.. . Parents/guardians income should not exceed ₹ 44,500 per year.

Duration of Scholarships

As it takes around 24 months to complete the training for getting the Private Pilot՚s License, the scholarship will be given during this period, subject to the performance of the candidates.

Value of Scholarships

  • Amount of financial help under the scholarship will include living expenses for an amount of ₹ 350/-per month incase of male candidates and ₹ 450/per month incase of female candidates. This amount can be extended to 15 months at the most.
  • A yearly allowance of ₹ 100/-pertaining to purchase of books is provided under the scholarship.
  • Expenses for obtaining the license and other medical examinations will be paid by the Government.
  • Second class train fare is provided for the student while reporting for flying training.
  • An insurance premium up to ₹ 10,000/-will be included in the scholarship during the period of training.

Application Procedure for the Civil Aviation Scholarships

Applications for the scholarships, which are duly filled in the prescribed format, should be sent to the address stated below:

Contact Details

Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation

Technical Centre, Opposite Safdarjung Airport

New Delhi

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