Biology Scholarships from the Department of Biotechnology

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Biology Scholarships from the Department of Biotechnology are part of the human resource development program of the Department. The program has resulted to be moderately successful in teaching, training and implementation of fellowship courses. The Department of Biotechnology has attained a reputation for itself through its different scholarships and the initiative taken by it to facilitate the scientists from abroad.

Different programs held by the Department of Biotechnology works towards the development of the quality of human resource at the post graduate doctoral and postdoctoral level in the related areas of biotechnology, biology, biomedical and neurological sciences.

The programs which are currently operated and controlled by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Human Resource Development are:

Under the Biology Scholarship Program of the Department of Biotechnology, students who score a high percentage of marks at the 10 + 2 level of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) are awarded financial grants. The objective of these grants is to inspire the students to pursue studies in biology and other related fields of bioscience and ultimately take up the same as a career.

  • Post-graduate teaching and other training programs.
  • PhD Fellowship Program.
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship Program.
  • Short Term Training Courses.
  • Biotechnology Overseas Associateship.
  • Scheme for Visiting Scientists from Abroad.
  • Biotechnology Popularization.
  • Biology Scholarships.

Value of Biology Scholarships from the Department of Biotechnology

  • The scholarship amounts to ₹ 15,000/-. Also cash will be awarded to those students who are given a merit certificate and a medal gilded with gold.

Contact Address

Department of Biotechnology

Block 2, C. G. O. Complex, Lodi Road

New Delhi 110 003

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I scored 100 in my 12th standard under CBSE board. I am pursuing MBBS and have been shortlisted for this scholarship. Am I eligible for the same?

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    1 Answer

    Yes you can definitely avail this scholarship, this is a felicitation for students securing distinguished marks in Class 12 CBSE Biology Paper.

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  • I got 95 in class 12. Now m pursuing biotech from SRM, Chennai. I want to get scholarship through bio this possible?

    ( - mi...@ on )

    1 Answer

    You must check out the section on scholarships at Examrace, DBT offers scholarships in Biology, also you can aim to clear KVPY for scholarships.

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