Fair and Lovely Foundation Project Saraswati Scholarships

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The Fair and Lovely Foundation Project Saraswati Scholarships are awarded to women graduates and undergraduates of exceptional ability who have the mental strength and the determination but not the financial soundness to attain a position of social standing and economic independence.

The Fair and Lovely Foundation was instituted with the initiative taken by Hindustan Lever Limited, presently known as

Unilever India Limited. The Foundation is dedicated towards economically empowering Indian women through education, training and development of necessary skills.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying for scholarships awarded by the Fair and Lovely Foundation under Project Saraswati are stated below:

  • Applicants must be women only.
  • Applicants must have obtained atleast 60 % marks at the secondary as well as higher secondary level for scholarships at the under graduate level.
  • For post graduation scholarships candidates must be graduates.
  • Applicants must have expertise in english language.
  • Awarded for studying graduate degrees only.

Duration of Scholarships

The Fair and Lovely Foundation Project Saraswati scholarships are for the fixed time period of 2 years.

Value of Scholarships

In terms of the Project Saraswati Scholarships, graduate and under graduate Indian women are selected, based on their educational background and overall performance.

  • Amount of financial help given to each student under the scholarship is ₹ 1,00, 000 per annum.

Application for Scholarships

  • Applications are invited through newspaper publications on an all India basis. The format of the application is also given along with the advertisement. Generally the advertisements are published during the month of May or June every year. Application form is also available in the official website of the Fair and Lovely Foundation.
  • The application form will be sent within the mentioned date along with attested copies of requisite academic certificates or documents.
  • Candidates should also send a write up in English with a word limit of 500 words, with a valid reason for requirement of scholarship.


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