Greece Govt. Scholarships from External Scholarship Division, MHRD

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The Greece Government Scholarship is provided to the candidates who are interested from the External Scholarships Division of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. Of India.

This Department expertises in arranging a large number of international scholarships to Indian students from foreign governments. Scholarship is given in the subjects quoted below:

  • Fine Arts and Greek language
  • History and Archaeology
  • Modern Greek Studies
  • Others
  • Archeology and Art
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Naval Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Engraving
  • Sculpture

The Greece Govt. Scholarships are offered for students at the advanced level, graduates and specialists. These scholarships assist the students either to study or conduct research at any University in Greece or any institute of higher studies. However, these scholarships are not for a regular course of study since no degree or diploma is awarded.


The eligibility criterion for the Greek Government Scholarships are stated below:

  • Candidates must have Indian residency and must be Indian citizen and below 33 years of age. However, for SC or ST candidates there is an age relaxation of 35 years and for academically outstanding candidates, there is an age relaxation of 3 months.
  • For scholarships in Fine Arts, candidates must be the 5 years National Diploma/Degree holder in Fine Arts. Post-graduates are given priority.
  • For scholarships in Fine Arts, candidates must have expertise in Greek language or possess a Bachelorีšs degree in Greek language.
  • For scholarships in History and Archeology, Modern Greek Studies, Archeology and Art candidates should be a first class in post-graduation in the respective field of study.
  • For scholarships in Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and the branches of engineering, candidates must possess a first class post-graduation in the respective fields of study.
  • Besides, the above requirements, candidates should have working knowledge of Greek, English or French along with desired knowledge of the geography, culture and heritage of Greece.
  • Candidates must have to be resident in India for 3 years in succession after their return from Greece.
  • Candidates who are PHD holders are not eligible for the scholarships.


The Greek Government Scholarship from the External Scholarship Division Ministry of Human Resource and Development are total 3 in number and are for a time period of 4 โˆ’ 8 months.

Value of Scholarship

The Greek Government Scholarship for Fine Arts provides for:

  • Monthly allowance of 45,000 drachmas for the students who are postgraduate.
  • A grant of 10,000 drachmas for students enrolled in the University of Athens and 20,000 drachmas for other universities.
  • 10,000 drachmas for travel within Greece, in case for research work.
  • Free tuition and takes care of the medical needs of students.
  • The Greek Government Scholarships for the other subjects provides for-
  • A monthly allowance of 40,000 drachmas for cost of living, 50,000 drachmas towards initial expenses incurred.
  • Allowance of up to 60,000 drachmas, including drafting and typing cost of PhD dissertation of scholars
  • Allowance of up to 60,000 drachmas covering laboratory expenses, Free of cost tuition fees, Free medical care.

The Greek Scholarships in Fine Arts as well as for the other subjects do not include the passage fare to and from India and must be paid off by either the candidates, sponsor or employer.

Application Procedure

Candidates are requested to send in duly typed applications, on plain paper to the Director (Scholarship) , Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department. Of Education, External Scholarship, within the specified date along with the documents stated below:

  • Attested copies of all educational documents and certificates, Photograph.
  • Fitness certificate from a registered and certified medical practitioner.
  • Proposal for study or research program.
  • Candidates already in employment, applications should be routed through the employer.


The notification for the Greek Government Scholarships is basically published in all the leading newspapers and Employment News during February, every year.


  • Director (Scholarship) , Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education, External Scholarships Division, A โˆ’ 1/W3 Curzon Road Barracks, K G Marg, New Delhi 110001
  • Phone No: 011 โˆ’ 3384501

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