Hindu Hitachi Scholarships

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The Hindu Hitachi Scholarships were introduced in the field of education by The Hindu Group of Publications of India and the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi Limited. These scholarships are awarded to deserving Indian students for undergoing technical training in Japan.

The technical training is basically be imparted in any one of the fields quoted below, as per the discretion of Hitachi Limited-

  • Information and Telecommunication System.
  • Power and Industrial System.
  • Digital Media Products.


The Hindu-Hitachi scholarships are applicable only for undergoing training in Japan and valid for a time period of 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria for the Hindu Hitachi Scholarships

  • Candidates must be Indian residents, who are applying for the scholarships.
  • Candidates must not be over 30 years of age as on the 31st March of a particular year.
  • Candidates must atleast have a BE or BSC or holder of an equivalent degree from a reputed university.
  • Candidates having prior exposure to training in respective field will be at an advantage.
  • Candidates must have atleast 1 year professional work experience.
  • Candidates already applied for scholarships i.e.. . The previous year, should not apply again.

Value of Scholarships

  • Candidates who have been successful in getting the scholarship will be given air fare for the economy class both ways.
  • Boarding and lodging in Japan will be provided free of cost.
  • Traveling expenses incurred in Japan during the period of training will also be reimbursed.
  • A defined sum of money is given to each candidate during the period of training for the personal expenses.
  • The good conduct and discipline of candidates while undergoing the training in Japan must be assured by their parents or guardians.
  • Candidates can be sent back to India in case their conduct is found to be unsatisfactory, by Hitachi Ltd.


Application forms for the Hindu Hitachi Scholarships are available at the registered office of:

The Hindu.

859 & 560.

Anna Salai

Chennai 600 002

These forms duly completed and marked ‘The Hindu Hitachi Training Scheme’ should be sent to the aforementioned address within the notified date.

Link: hindu. com

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