Inlaks Foundation Sports Awards

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The Inlaks Foundation Sports Awards was established by the Inlaks Foundation, a Charitable Trust registered in Liechtenstein, a picturesque country located between Austria and Switzerland in the continent of Europe. The Inlaks Foundation Sports Awards will have an objective of:

  • Spotting marvelous as well as talented Indian musicians and provide them monetary help in order to enable them reach great heights in Indian classical music by remaining within the country.

  • Provide scholarships to the students, so that they can pursue their studies or research work out of India.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarships on Sports on by Inlaks Foundation

The eligibility criteria for the Inlaks Foundation Sports Awards are stated below:

  • The applicant must be a sportsperson of outstanding talent.

  • The applicant must be below 25 years of age as on the 1st July.

  • The applicant must have the capability of continual improved performance in sporting activities of all types.

  • The selection of the candidate would be done by a group of prominent sports personalities.

Duration of the Inlaks Foundation Scholarships Awards

The Inlaks Foundation Sports Awards are given out for a time period of 1 year.

Application Procedure of the Inlaks Foundation Scholarships Awards

Applications, duly typed, should be sent in an envelope marked β€˜Inlaks Sports Awards’ to the Delhi office any time during the year. One should also end the following documents along with the application form:

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Passport Size Photograph.

  • Written proposal of about 450 words stating how the applicant proposes to use the proceeds of the scholarship.

Value of Scholarships

  • A monthly grant of Rs. 5000 for a year is awarded by the Inlaks Foundation under this scheme.

  • Scholarship will cover the travel and daily expenses for sportspersons of outstanding merit.


  • Inlaks Foundation, St Stephen's College, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007
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  • Inlaks Foundation, P. O. Box 2108 Delhi 110 007
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  • Administrative Office: Inlaks Foundation 86/87, Atlanta Nariman Point Mumbai 400021
  • Phone: 0091 βˆ’ 022 βˆ’ 22884351
  • Fax: 0091 βˆ’ 022 βˆ’ 22884350
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