MIDS Malcom and Elizabeth Adiseshiah PhD Merit Scholarship

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Madras Institute of Development Studies MIDS, was established by Dr. Malcolm S Adiseshiah and Mrs. Elizabeth Adiseshiah in 1971 and the Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah PhD Merit Scholarship was started to impart required training and opportunities for scholars with exceptional talent.

It is expected that the scholars will do high quality research work by focusing on developmental issues connected primarily with Tamil Nadu.

The Government of India conferred the status of a national institute on the Madras Institute of Development Studies in March 1977. The Government of India, ICSSR and the Government of Tamil Nadu have became the sponsors of MIDS.

The MIDS has the following objectives:

  • To organise studies and research in development related problems with focus on the agricultural sector of the villages of the state of Tamil Nadu. It also resolves to evaluate the causes for the backwardness of a large percentage of the population of our country.
  • To hold symposiums, seminars and conferences on progress related issues focusing specially on Tamil Nadu.
  • To enhance the sense of co-operation among the social scientists of the universities of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
  • To start research activities and propagate details on the related subjects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • M. Phil in any subject of social science.
  • Applicant must be registered under a faculty of MIDS.


The duration of the MIDS Merit Scholarship is for a maximum time period of 3 years. Selected canidates will remain as intern for the first year of the scholarship. The scholarship may be extended based on the performance of the scholar in the half-yearly assessment organised by MIDS.

Value of Scholarship

  • The scholarship is for an amount of ₹ 6,000/-per month with a yearly contingency allowance of ₹ 12,000/-


  • Madras Institute of Development Studies, 79, Second Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar Chennai Tamil Nadu, India Pin Code: 600 020
  • Phone: 0091 − 44 − 24412589 24411574 24412295 24419771
  • Fax: 0091 − 44 − 24910872
  • Email: office@mids. ac. in
  • Link: mids. ac. in

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