SERC Visiting Fellowship of Department of Science and Technology

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The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) Visiting Fellowships of the Department of Science and Technology were instituted with an aim of allowing deserving scholars the opportunity of carrying out research, development and training related activities.

The Science and Engineering Council (SERC) , an important constituent of the Department of Science and Technology, came into existence in the year 1974. The SERC assists the Department of Science and Technology conducting research and developmental work in the uncharted and unexplored fields of engineering and technology. The SERC is manned by scientists, technologists and engineers who have joined hands to share their previous professional experiences in universities and institutes of higher education. The SERC gets valuable aid and advice from the Program Advisory Committees (PACs) , established for this purpose.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) Visiting Fellowship of the Department of Science and Technology candidates must be:

  • An ME or M. Tech in Engineering or Technology or MD in Medicine or PHD in science subject.
  • A scientist or technologist engaged in employment with a science and technology institute, college or university having recognition.
  • candidate must preferably be doing research work in different areas of engineering and technology.
  • Candidates must be below 50 years of age as on the date of application for the scholarship.

Duration of Scholarships

The duration of the scholarships are for a period of 3 months given on a yearly basis on the subjects quoted below:

  • Life Science
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering

Visiting Fellows Can Work At

The visiting fellows can carry out their research work from the following institutes:

  • Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  • Delhi University South Campus
  • IIT Mumbai
  • National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi
  • National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
  • Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, New Delhi
  • National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow
  • Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhuvaneshwar
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin

Application Procedure

A candidate applying for the Visiting Fellowships should route their application through their employers or institutional head. The employer or institutional head should refer the candidate for undergoing training or organising research under the ′ SERC Visiting Fellowship Scheme ′ The candidates ′ applications should also have nominations from either institutional heads or reputed scientists or exponents in respective fields.


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