TIFAC Women Scientist Scholarship Scheme

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The Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council also known as TIFA, Women Scientist Scholarship Scheme was headed by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India 2002. TIFAC is an independent entity under the direct control of the Department of Science and Technology, which is engaged in:

The TIFAC scholarship scheme is only for women who are academically qualified in the discipline of science. The Department of Science and Technology envisages that this scholarship scheme would enable women of distinction to take adequate training in the fields stated below:

The CIIL was formed to look after the alround improvement in the quality of all Indian languages by using the latest scientific methods. The CIIL also motivates detailed study on the origin and evolution of these languages so as to enhance their richness. The sole aim of the CIIL is to bring about a strong bonding among the Indian populace, considering the diversity of Indian languages.

  • Assessment of Technology.
  • Market Surveys.
  • Forecasting Studies.
  • Development of Home Grown Technology.
  • Promotion of Patent Facilitating Centre.
  • Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Patent Research.
  • Patent Specification.
  • Technology for Scan Report Preparation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must have a post graduation or doctoral degree in physical sciences, chemical sciences or life sciences.
  • Candidates must have graduation degrees in Engineering, Technology, Medical Science or post-graduation degrees in Surgery, Medicine, Veterinary Science or Pharmacy.
  • Candidates must be IT and internet savvy.
  • Candidates who have experience in the research field and have compiled reports for projects handled or published a thesis will be preferred ahead of others.
  • Candidates age should be 50 years or below and must have a certificate of sound health.

Value of Scholarships

  • For B. Tech, M. Sc and MBBS candidates the scholarship amount is a maximum of ₹ 10,000/-per month.
  • For PhD, M. Tech, M. Pharm, M. VSc, MS and M. D candidates, the scholarship amount is a maximum of ₹ 15,000/-per month.

Application for Scholarships

  • Applications should be sent in described format with all the respective details asked for duly filled up:
  • Copies of educational documents need not be sent along with the application initially.

Contact Details

Applications should be sent to:

  • Director, Patent Facilitating Centre, Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council, Vishwakarma Bhavan, A-Wing, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg New Delhi 110016
  • Phones:+ 091 − 011 − 26967458/ + 091 − 011 − 26592815/ + 091 − 28592802
  • Link: indianpatents. org. in

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