Tezpur University DBT Studentship

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The Tezpur University DBT Studentship is an award given to deserving students and scholars in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology by Indian state of Assam was established by an Act of Parliament. The campus of Tezpur University is at Napaam, a rural area situated in eastern Tezpur. The Tezpur University has the following schools of study under its aegis:

The School of Science and Technology has under its fold the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology which formally started functioning on 24th July, 1997. A two year program organised by this Department confers upon the students a Master՚s degree in Biotechnology or MBBT.

The Department has earned due recognition from the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, The Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tezpur University aims to make legendary contribution in the field of fundamental and advanced life sciences and also promote skilled man power in Molecular Biotechnology.

For enhancing the developmental research work in the area of biotechnology, the Tezpur University, in association with the Government of India gives financial help to outstanding deserving students. Although funds for the Fellowship is made available by the Tezpur University, the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Government of India also gives crucial help in the form of manpower, guidance and know-how.

  • School of Science and Technology.
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences.
  • School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.
  • School of Management Sciences.
  • School of Engineering.


The Fellowships extend for a period of 4 semesters and a total of 12 Fellowships are awarded as per applicable rules of the Tezpur University.

Valuation of Scholarships

Financial grant under the Fellowship is ₹ 400/-per month and along with that a travel allowance of ₹ 6000/-per year will be given.

Applications for the Fellowships may be passed on in a described format to the address stated below:


  • Controller of Examinations, Tezpur University, Napaam, Tezpur 0784 028
  • Phone: 0371 20267114
  • Fax: 0371 20267005
  • Link: tezu. ernet. in