Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Pre-Doctoral Awards

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The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) pre-doctoral award was formed by the Association for Women in Science, established in 1971 at the annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. AWIS champions the cause of women covers various different fields of scientific and technical studies at all levels of education.

The AWIS Educational Foundation, formed in 1974 with an aim of receiving and awarding donations. Contributions to the AWIS fund was firstly made by the AWIS members, the first among them being Estelle Ramey, the then AWIS president. AWIS made its first scholarship award in April of 1975 in the form of three (3) $ 500 scholarships for graduate students. The AWIS pre-doctoral awards program is for students who are in the advanced level of study in the areas of natural and social sciences. Each year, the AWIS Fund awards scholarships numbering 5 − 10, each for an amount of $ 1,000 under the following names:

  • Amy Lutz Rechel: Awarded to the top graduate student in the branch of plant biology.
  • Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister: Awarded to the top graduate student in the branch of physics.
  • Ruth Satter: Awarded to the top graduate student who had to discontinue her education for at least 3 years for raising a family.
  • Diane H Russell: Awarded to the top student in the branch of biochemistry or pharmacology.


Female students studying a course in behavioral, life, physical or social science and even engineering which may culminate in the student having a Ph. D degree may apply for a scholarship from AWIS. All applicants for AWIS scholarships except those applying for the Ruth Satter scholarship should have passed the qualifying examination conducted by their respective departments. Candidates who are not US citizens are required to enroll in a Ph. D program at the US university.

The AWIS scholarship awards may be used for paying tuition fees, buying books, availing of a housing facility, conducting research work, traveling and also for registration and publication expenses.


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  • Telephone: 202.326. 8940
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  • Email: awis@awis. org
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