Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards

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Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards will be given to women who want to pursue their doctoral as well as post doctoral research activities in the field of aerospace science and engineering. Women with indomitable will power and enthusiasm will bring a constructive change in the technology of aerospace science and engineering can apply for the scholarship. The program will give the golden opportunity to the female candidates to pursue their higher studies in the aerospace science and technology. Ameila Earhart Fellowship by Zonta International Foundation.

The number of women who want to pursue their research in Aerospace science and technology is dwindling each and every year and this scholarship will act as a mode to inspire the women to conduct research in aerospace science and technology.

Eligibility of Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards

  • A woman who has completed her Bachelor degree from a recognized University can apply for the Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards.
  • Financial aid provided by Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards:
  • The financial aid of $ 6000 is the ceiling amount, which is allocated for the candidate inclusive of the tuition fees, books and expenditure for accommodation.
  • The scholarship is awarded to 35 candidates per annum and the last date for submitting the application form is 15th November. The applications will be received from the month of May.


Contact Details of Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards:

Zonta International Foundation