CAORC Multi Country Research Fellowship Program for Advanced Multi Country Research

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CAORC Multi Country Research Fellowship Program for Advanced Multi Country Research provides research help in various different countries like Israel, Italy, Morocco, Cyprus, Egypt, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Senegal, West Africa, Greece, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Mexico, Gaza Strip and Yemen. The institute has been donating around $ 9000 dollar to outstanding scholars with an interest for conducting research on matters of worldwide significance in different regions around the globe.

Research Centers of CAORC

Different research centers of the foundation are stated below:

  • American Academy in Rome.
  • W F Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem.
  • Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute.
  • Mexico-North Research Network.
  • American Center of Oriental Research in Amman.
  • American Institute for Maghrib Studies in Tunisia and Morocco.
  • American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies.
  • American Institute for Yemeni Studies.
  • American Institute of Bangladesh Studies.
  • Palestinian American Research Center.
  • American Institute of Indian Studies.
  • West African Research Association (West African Region) .
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
  • Center for Khmer Studies.
  • American Institute of Iranian Studies.
  • American Research Institute in Turkey.
  • American Institute of Pakistan Studies.
  • American Research Center in Egypt.

Eligibility for Availing the CAORC Fellowship

Candidates must be the citizen of USA who have attained their PHD in social science, humanities and natural science with a flair for conducting research in different countries in the above mentioned disciplines.

The post Doctoral candidates with an affinity for conducting research in contemporary topics linked to a particular zone are also eligible.

Selection Procedure of CAORC

Selection however will be made by a group of scholars of the foundation based on the following parameters of the applicant: The cerebral prowess, the physical fitness to conduct grueling work in the field, the vision of the applicant to judge the reason and importance of conducting regional and cross regional research. Applicants can apply either individually or in group.

Address of CAORC

Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)