The Children՚s Foundation Scholarships

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Based in Newyork, The Children՚s Scholarship Fund (CSF) gives financial help to families belonging to the financially weaker sections for education of their children in private schools. Although the Fund does not gives the entire tuition fees, however it generally covers about 50 % of the expenses actually incurred. Since 1998, the Children՚s Foundation Scholarships got into the act of providing monetary help for children՚s education, thousands of children from all parts of the United States of America have benefited from these scholarship programs which number around 40.

The scholarships from the CSF have met with a huge amount of success and appreciation, as the poorest of the poor in the society have been able to send their children to the private schools, where the fees as well as standard of education is much higher than the ordinary schools.

In order to be eligible for these scholarships, parents have to justify as to why a financial aid and help would be required to send their children to a private school in America. The size of the family is the main criterion for fixing the amount of the financial grant.

Eligibility for CSF Scholarships

  • The CSF scholarships are meant to give for the elementary education of children from the kindergarten to the 8th standard.
  • Awarded to those children who are more than 5 years of age.
  • Financial help will be given to all the eligible children and then the children can attend schools as per their choice.

Application for Scholarships

Parents who are interested in getting the scholarships may log on to the official website of the Children՚s Scholarship Fund and choose the city or the area nearest to where they live.


Children՚s Scholarship Fund