Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants

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Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants is engaged in philanthropic activities to give patronage to the students with a penchant for painting, sculpture as well as visual arts. The foundation is instrumental in opening a plethora of opportunities for students with a creative and unique bent of mind who have their mind brimming with the fervor of introducing a new horizon in painting, sculptures and visual arts.

The initial years of an artist, when the raw dormant creative sparks are streamlined through proper training are funded by the Foundation helping the brilliant to-be artists who are financially not very sound.

Eligibility for Getting the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants

The program is for the candidates who are well trained in their respective art forms in an art school and have shown their expertise in the form of their works including painting, sculpture or visual arts. The vital and crucial pre-requisite is that the candidates must have to pursue art as their career option. However the scholarship excludes the commercial artists and artists dealing with abstract art forms.

Grants Given by Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants

Grants will be given to the concerned candidates directly. A grant of a maximum amount of $ 10,000 is allotted for the candidates.

Address of Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants

  • 1814 Sherbrooke Street West Suite #1, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3H 1E4
  • Telephone: 514 − 937 − 9225
  • Fax: 514 − 937 − 0141
  • E-mail: egreen@total. net