Global Studies Grants to Support the Study of International Affairs

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Global Studies Grants to Support the Study of International Affairs is funded and accounted by Global Studies Foundation (GSF) to enhance the study of international affairs and also focus on the American faculty and students to apply their precious vital experiences in International studies. The thrust of the project is on the international affairs, strengthening the bonds between various countries irrespective of the linguistic, cultural and racial barrier. The scholarship also emphasizes on the importance of education in understanding the underlying essence of international affairs.

The strategic significance of the country on which the study will be conducted is a unique parameter for the disbursement of the grant. The international exposure to the candidates will enlarge the scope of knowledge i.e.. . Political, social and economical factors that helps in the functioning of a country and shape the international status of a country.

Financial help given by Global Studies Grants:

  • The mean amount which is given per award is $ 1000.
  • The total amount granted to the candidates is $ 3000.
  • The award program covers funding of research, travel as well as tuition expenses.

Details of the Application of Global Studies Grants

The admission notice will be given from the month of January and the results will be declared from the month of March. The students and faculty shall have to submit a short draft with respective documents while applying for the scholarship.

Eligibility for Obtaining the Scholarship of Global Studies Grants

Candidates must have USA citizenship or permanent residency of USA. The Global Studies Grants are open to students at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral level from any discipline. The scholarship program can be attended by the full time teachers of a reputed institution and students with outstanding academic records from a well reputed institute.

Selection Procedure of Global Studies Grants

The selection procedure will be based on the academic and professional qualification plus experience too. It also depends upon the nature of the program chosen by the applicant and the impact it will have in international perspectives. While granting the scholarship, The importance of the country and language where the study is conducted is taken into account.

Address of Global Studies Grants