Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship

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The Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship was established by the Golden Key International Honour Society, Atlanta, USA in 1977, currently the Golden Key International Honour Society is the most advanced as well as modern organization in higher education. The society has around 350 campuses all across seven countries namely United States, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The Golden Key International Honour Society is however a non-profit academic society, which acknowledges and encourages scholarly achievements and excellence in the academic field by college and university students regardless of their academic disciplines. The Golden Key Scholarship has over 15 different schemes and award programs.

Golden Key members are provided with outstanding career openings, because of the society՚s tie up with well reputed corporations and graduate programs. Campus facilities and scope of serving the community are available through the various different programs of the society and this helps the scholars in personal growth plus development of leadership skills.

Golden Key Scholarships and Awards

The Golden Key International Honour Society generously awards its members for exceptional and marvelous performances in academics, leadership and services. The society has 15 different scholarship programs, out of which the Chapter Undergraduate Scholarship is one. The following scholarship program is independent of the other programs and is given out at the end of each chapter depending on the criteria of selection, pre-determined by the different campuses. The winners are hence got selected each year by the leaders of each chapter.

For the other scholarships, formal applications in English are required to be sent within a given deadline.

Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships

The Golden Key International Honour Society sponsors a different scholarship program by the name of Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships. This scholarship numbering 10 annually is applicable to all fields of study and is not country specific. It helps those Golden Key members who are interested to participate in study abroad programs. Average amount per scholarship is $ 1,000 and the total amount of scholarship awarded annually is $ 10,000.

Students interested in pursuing a study abroad scholarship may contact the-

Scholarship Coordinator

  • Golden Key International Honour Society, P O Box 23737, Nashville, TN 37202 − 3737

Below is the contact address of the Golden Key International Honour Society:


International Headquarters: (USA & Canada)

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