Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships

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Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships will be provided to the students of social or natural science, humanity at the Doctoral or Post Doctoral level who want to dissect the reasons of meaningless violence, anger, intolerance that is prevailing throughout the world. However, The world is progressing like a blitzkrieg and its horizons are overwhelmed by its aura of opulence and progress. In the superficial razzmatazz, there lurks a grim reality of gory and meaningless violence, deep-seated anguish, repressed impulse. The other side of marvelous progress is that it has given birth to the demon of sadomasochistic violence coupled with a perverse avarice for power.

The whims of an individual are allowed to thrive resulting in absolutism and fanaticism. A section of human race of the world is like a boiling cauldron and the pent up, repressed angst and impulses often manifest into gory and mindless violence. A sordid and poignant reality of the human race suffering from existential crisis is leading the people to resort to gruesome acts. The desire to skyrocket the career and outstanding desire to get success at any cost is leading to frustration and a sense of failure and dejection in some people as a result of which some deviate from the linear path and resort to violence, dictatorship, intolerance. Terrorism is another evil that is spreading its legs all around the world because of intolerance as well as insensitivity.

The scholarship provided by the foundation is doing a commendable work by promoting the research scholars in social and natural science, humanities who can judge the underlying reasons that force the human beings to resort to violence. The scholars organise their research in war and conflict between two countries, states, families. The research scholars also delve profoundly in the psyche of the children and judge the turmoil and the sense of deprivation they experience in this world of nuclear family and tough competition. The trend of augmentation of teen-age violence throughout the world is thoroughly examined by the research scholars availing the scholarship. The research scholars are instrumental in sensitizing the mankind to the aftermath of violence as well as aggression.

Funds Provided by Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships

Amount of $ 15,000 to $ 30,000 is provided to those candidates, who wants to study the Post Doctoral programs. Other 10 programs of Dissertation sanction an amount of $ 15,000 to the students who are studying the Doctoral program. Those candidates who are opting for the scholarship must have to send the application to the Director mentioning the educational qualification, research areas, future plans to organise the research. The letter from the research advisor shall be kept along with the afore-mentioned details.

Applications must be sent by 1st February and the final verdict for selection will be done in the month of June. The award program starts in the month of September.

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