The Harvard University Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies Fellowships

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The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies Fellowships is headed by the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti and is administered by The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. This scholarship is a fruit of the efforts put by Bernard Berenson.

In the year 1900, Bernard Berenson, a critic of late Medieval and Renaissance Art came to reside in Villa I Tatti, a suburb on the outskirts of Florence. Berenson lived in Villa I Tatti till the year 1959, in which he died.

Bernard Berenson, a dedicated scholar that he was, willed his estate as well as entire collection of books, photographs and creations of art to Harvard University, which was his alma mater. In doing so, Berenson had in mind a center for young scholars who would carry out advanced research work in the respective field of human values and civilizations.

Under this Fellowship program, 15 awards are awarded per annum to the deserving scholars, irrespective of their nationality, for conducting studies in Italian Renaissance. Villa I Tatti is situated in Florence, Italy and each fellow who comes to do research work here is provided a place to study. He is allowed to extensive usage of Biblioteca and Fototeca Berenson. Among other privileges, a scholar is provided with lunch on weekdays and one great lifetime opportunity to meet scholars from different countries who also are engaged in the research work in related fields.

The award associated with each Italian Renaissance Studies Fellowship is $ 50,000, on an average. The last date for filing in applications is 15th October every year and by the beginning of February every year the official notification is posted on the website. Only those candidates who are interested in doing postdoctoral research work in Italian Renaissance should apply for this fellowship award, as it is the eligibility criteria.


Fellowship Program

  • Harvard University, University Place, 124, Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Phone: 617 − 496 − 8724
  • Fax: 617 − 495 − 8041
  • Email: info@itatti. it

The contact address in Italy is as follows:

Fellowship Program

  • The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Via di Vincigliata 26 − 50135
  • Phone:+ 39055603251
  • Fax:+ 39055603383
  • Email: info@itatti. it