The Howard Chapnic Grant

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The Howard Chapnic Grant was formed in 1996 by W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund in fields of photo journalism and other fields such as editing, management, research, education, etc. The above mentioned grant is a tribute to the enormous contributions by renowned photographer Howard Chapnick in the sphere of photo journalism.

Aim of the Howard Chapnic Grant

The fellowship is granted to those candidates who want to study research in photo journalism, that focus to address a crucial concern towards society and desired areas of photo journalism.

The main crux of the fellowship is to encourage the photo journalists to be indulged in laudable endeavors to bring a societal change and infuse a fresh lease of life in photojournalism by dint of their dedication, passion and innovation.

Eligibility Criteria for the Howard Chapnic Grant

The candidate shall have to be a photo journalist or a photographer with a feeling of passion and diligence to reform and bring a huge and major change in the society by the virtue of his photographs. Candidates must be willing to participate in a research with a renowned group or undergo internship with an individual or organization with a similar mind set.

The Committee chooses the candidates with a flair for portraying the problems that plague the society and its preventive measures by using the art of photography.

Financial Help and Aid Given by the Howard Chapnic Grant

Amount of $ 5000 will be granted. The Scholarship is however provided to only one person in a year. Last date for receiving the application is July 15.

Address of the Howard Chapnic Grant

International Center of Photography

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