IES Merit Based Scholarships

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  • IES, earlier known as Institute of European Studies was established in 1950 and was given the name of Institute for International Education of Students in the year 1997. Around 60,000 students have already received their scholarship awards. IES has about 30 various different scholarship schemes in 16 countries all over the world. IES boasts of 4,500 students studying with it each year. IES patronizes superior quality of academic programs in USA as well as in other countries.
  • IES acts as a key instrument and thereby helps in encouraging exchange of talents in different spheres like humanities, performing arts etc. IES is harnessing the talent of the outstanding candidates across the world and giving them a global platform to pursue their studies. IES has a great contribution in the development of scholars who imbibed the power of advanced education in their respective areas and added a dash of humanitarian spirit to their education.
  • IES is a Merit Based Scholarship, will be awarded for outstanding achievements in a wide range of subjects by students. The financial help of $ 3,000 is given to the students for the semester and the year long program. 1st May is the last date for the fall session and 1st November is the last date for Spring session.

Address of IES

  • IES Chicago 33 N. LaSalle Street
  • 15th Floor Chicago, IL 60602 − 2602
  • Phone: 1.800. 995.2300 or 1.312. 944.1750
  • Fax: 1.312. 944.1448
  • Email: info@IESabroad. org
  • Link: iesabroad. org

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