IFUW International Awards

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IFUW International Awards are given to women in the areas of science and technology. The grant is provided with the goal and objective of opening a wide vista of opportunities to women in the field of science and technology and other disciplines. It would encourage women to study research and development in any discipline. The main focus of the grant is on projects in the spheres of education, peace, security, science and technology etc.

Eligibility of the Candidate of IFUW International Awards

A female candidate can get the scholarship at the graduation and doctoral level in any discipline and he or she shall have to be the member of the IFUW federation all over the world. The program can be pursued in any country in the world.

Application Procedure of IFUW International Awards

The application forms will be available from the month of March at various headquarters of IFUW located in various different countries.

Financial Help of the Fellowship

Amount ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 Swiss Francs, which will cover the expenditure for research as well as accommodation.

Duration of IFUW International Awards

The fellowship is for the time period of 2 months. Maximum number of fellowships that will be given in a year is 25.

Contact Details of IFUW International Awards

International Federation of University Women 10 rue du Lac.

  • Geneva, CH-1201 Switzerland
  • Phone: 41.22 731 23 80
  • Fax: 41.22 738 04 40
  • email: info@ifuw. org
  • Link: IFUW