Jeffery P La Fage Graduate Student Research Award

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Jeffery P. La Fage Graduate Student Research Award is awarded to graduate students of Life Science who are interested in studying their research activities to fight the menace of pests, which destroy the crops thereby diminishing the yield and productivity of crops. The grant is a boon to the students who seek to contribute by combating the menace of pests, which is a major hindrance for the agricultural community and the nation causing a huge loss to the country as well as its citizens.

The scholarship will be offered as a mark of respect to Dr. Jeffery. P. La Fage who contributed a lot to the agrarian community and the nation by devising methods to control the influx of termites which damage the crops. The entomology is a subject which is of immense use in controlling the pests and termites thereby enhancing the yield of the country. The scholarship can give birth to a new breed of scholars who can bring a radical change in the global economic scenario by virtue of their uniqueness, painstaking and path breaking research. The scholarship is organized by Entomological Society of America.

Eligibility of Jeffery P. La Fage Graduate Student Research Award

The candidate must be a graduate and they shall have to study their post graduation or the doctoral courses in future after completion of graduation. Special preferences will be given to those candidates, who show their expertise in research from the pragmatic point of view. The selected candidate is given the golden opportunity to show their research activities at the prestigious ESA meeting. The candidate shall have to possess the burning enthusiasm for pursuing research in entomology and pest control for availing the award. Nomination details about the qualification, honor and publications in the respective sphere shall have to be sent to the administrator of the award at the e-mail address by 1st July.

E-mail address of the administrator: melodie@entfdn. org

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