John T Petters Scholarship

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John T. Petters Scholarship motivates the students of USA to study abroad on international business. The thrust of the foundation is to understand the global economy and business so that transactions can be carried at an international level throughout the world. The students can move outside the USA and learn the nuances of the forces that influence global economy. The scholarship program is heralding a new era of conducting business on a global platform, which can augment the economic scenario of USA. The students shall also be armed with the required knowledge, to bring a drastic change in improving as well as strengthening the business relationship of USA with countries outside USA.

Eligibility for the John T. Petters Scholarship

The students who are undergraduate and who are members of university or Non Profit Organization as well, under John T. Peter՚s

Foundation can apply for the scholarship.

They need to apply as an open scholar from the Foundation՚s university and on selection will have to study abroad.

Subject which focuses upon international business.

Selection Procedure of John T. Petters Scholarship

The parameters while selecting the students from under graduate level are quoted below:

  • The economical status of the applicant is the unique parameter for granting scholarship.
  • The academic qualification along with scores.
  • The essay which an applicant has to write.
  • The time duration of academic programs attended by the candidate.
  • The experience of studying abroad.
  • The flexibility of the candidate.
  • Applicant՚s flair for studying in a wide range of countries.
  • The applicants innate desire to immerse in the inter-cultural exchange program.
  • The enthusiasm of the applicant for pursuing his or her studies in various countries by transcending the linguistic, cultural, political, social barrier.
  • The integrity of the candidate.

Application Requirements of John T. Petters Scholarship

Applicant has to carefully fill up the respective sections and have to give two recommendation letters from their teacher or instructor: Information regarding the monetary benefit, which is required by the applicant. Details about the student, Information pertaining to the personal account of the candidate.

Dates for Application of John T. Petters Scholarship

Applications will be submitted from November 15 and the last date is 15th December. Candidates will be selected on 1st February. On February 14th the final list of candidates are published.

Address of John. T. Peters Scholarship