Leakey Foundation Grants

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Leakey Foundation Grants give grants to patronize research in the areas of archeology, paleontology, environment, morphology, behavior and ecology of apes and other primates and psychological make-up of the hunters. The research activities of the candidates that unravel details about the evolution of human race are patronized by the institute.

Eligibility Criteria for Leakey Foundation Grants

Candidates who have the doctoral degrees in Anthropology or allied subjects, scientists with a passion to organise research on the evolution of human race are eligible to apply. The candidates can be from any part of the world. However, the undergraduate as well as high school students are not eligible to apply for the Leaky Foundation Grants.

Financial Assistance Provided by Leakey Foundation Grants

The financial help ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 13,500 for a doctoral student. The amount allocated to the post-doctoral student is $ 22,000. Financial help will cover the expenditure borne by the candidate for organising the research activities of the project.

Details of the Application Procedure of Leakey Foundation Grants

The last date for receiving the application forms for the spring cycle and fall cycle are January 5th and July 15th . The last dates for the announcement of results for spring and fall cycle are middle of May and mid-January respectively.

Address of Leakey Foundation Grants

The Leakey Foundation