Luce Scholars Program

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The Luce Scholars Program has been formed with an aim of giving stipends and internships to 15 young American students. With the help of this scholarship, these students will be able to live in India and work here as well. The scholarship came into force in the year 1974 with the only purpose of educating future American leaders about Asia.

The Henry Luce Foundation i.e.. . HLF was established in 1936, by the late Henry R Luce, who was the co-founder and editor in chief of Times Inc. The scholarships awarded by the foundation is funded by the personal assets left behind and willed by Henry R Luce.

The main aim of the foundation is to carry out research work and studies in the area of higher education, religion and theology, American art, opportunities for women in science and engineering etc. The programs of the Henry Luce Foundation concentrates mainly in the area of higher education with special focus on scholarship.

The Henry Luce Scholars Program focuses on studies in the areas quoted below:

  • American Art
  • Asia
  • Clare Boothe Luce Program
  • Henry R Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs
  • Henry R Luce Professorships
  • Higher Education
  • Luce Scholars
  • Public Policy and the Environment
  • Theology

How to Apply

However, The application process is very easy as no special forms are required to be filled up. An applicant may send a letter to the program director or officer to find out whether a particular project is at per the foundation՚s guidelines. Currently, the categories of grants are on the subjects, namely: American Art, Asia, Higher Education, Public Policy and theology.

Nature of Grants: No grants are made directly to individual applicants. Sometimes grants will be provided to individuals through certain programs like Clare Booth Luce Program, Henry Luce III Theology Fellows and Dissertation Fellowships in American Art. The Henry Luce Foundation has no interest in health care or medical projects. It also does not support development work in foreign countries, journalism, media, film projects and performing arts.


The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc

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