The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, Lisle Scholarship

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The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship named after the eponymous Marion Wright Edelman who was a social activist with nerves of steel and a golden heart and pioneered the movement for eliminating the poverty related issues which plague the children and deteriorates their health, education and the quality of life. She also highlighted the responsibility of the parents for enhancing the educational, humanitarian, social well being of the children. She also focused on the prime concerns which damage the psyche of the children to a very great extent and affect their psychological make-up:

The tentacles of teen age pregnancy and mindless violence engulfing USA stirred the social activism spirit in her. She exhorted the parents of the children to spent quality time and give attention to their kids devoid of peer pressure. The impoverished state of the children in acute poverty from the lower strata of the society propelled her to pursue social works for providing the basic needs of the students living in acute poverty.

The scholarship is sponsored by Lisle Fellowship. The scholarship fund is given to students who strive to create a better world devoid of violence, intolerance, disparity, bigotry, corruption. The fund is given to students from all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality, political color, etc. To enhance the message of universal solidarity by virtue of their commitment and passion for social service. The world is grappling with problems of mindless violence which is disrupting the peace, and harmony of the world. The scholarship program has a goal to provide aid to the students who strive to usher an era of peace and spread the message of universal brotherhood. The scholarship program is performing a laudable endeavor by producing the messengers of peace in the cruel world embedded with lot of mindless violence and intolerance.

Financial Help Provided by the Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, Lisle Scholarship

The amount of $ 1,000 is allotted for the students availing the fund.

Application Procedure of the Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, Lisle Scholarship

The candidate shall have to register in the Lisle unit and write a letter to the Lisle unit stating the benefits that a candidate acquires through the program to nurture a global vision in him so that he can spread the message of global solidarity and peace by virtue of one՚s social work.

Address of the Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, Lisle Scholarship

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