Sigma Theta Tau Grants

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Sigma Theta Tau Grants is given to nurses who have a flair for research in nursing so that they can bring about a marvelous change in the area of nursing to serve the patients. The foundation has been instrumental in bringing a new variety of research opportunities to the nursing fraternity and helping in providing them superior quality of service to the patients.

Grants Offered by Sigma Theta Tau

Small Grants


A licensed nurse with a post graduation or doctoral degree and a blue print of the project can apply for the sigma Theta Tau Grants.

Financial Assistance Provided

  • A maximum amount of $ 5,000 will be given to the candidate. The grants that are available for 15 candidates in a session.
  • Selection will be purely based on the qualification of the candidate and the vision of the research project.
  • And preferences will be given to members of Sigma Theta Tau. Applications for the Sigma Theta Tau grants generally submitted on-line from August.

Doris Bloch Research Award

The eligibility, financial assistance, application procedures are all similar to the small grants program and are submitted to one person in a session. The last date for submitting the forms is generally the first day of December though it may vary from year to year. Application is generally submitted on-line from the month of August.

Rosemary Berkel Crisp Research Award

This scholarship is given in the spheres of oncology, pediatrics and health of women. The grant that will be given is based on the utility, time span and practicality of the research project. The eligibility, financial help, application procedures are all similar to the small grants program. Every year the grant is allotted to only one person.

Virginia Henderson Clinical Research Grant

The grant will be given to the nurses who have a clinical foundation and are willing to organise a research in the clinical areas. The funds are then allotted, based on the practicality of the project, time span, quality and its beneficial features upon the patients.

Eligibility: The candidate must need to be a qualified nurse with a masters or doctoral degree with an experience in a clinical domain.

The financial help and application procedures are all similar as to the Small Grants program.

Contact Details of Sigma Theta Tau Grants

  • Sigma Theta Tau International
  • Phone: 888.634. 7575, + 1.317. 634.8171
  • Fax:+ 1.317. 634.8188.
  • Link: nursingsociety. org

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