USAID Fellows Program

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USAID Fellows Program provides a lot of socially desired spheres which will help in the development of the world. This program is instrumental in sensitizing the human race to contemporary social issues.

Fellow Programs of USAID

The following are the programs of USAID Fellow program:

Investing in Women in Development Fellows Program of the Institute of International Education

This program sensitizes the candidates to the issue of gender biasness and harassment of women. The main goal of the program is the emancipation of the women and encoraging them to partake in the social as well as economic development of the developing countries.

Selection Procedure

The professionals in the intermediate hierarchy equipped with a graduation or post graduation degree will be selected, based on their work experience and flexibility to work in countries other than USA. The National Screening Panel conducts the selection procedure and the selected candidates are required to undergo a preliminary training program to give a sneak preview pertaining to the mission as well as program contents.

Duration of the Program

The duration of the program is of 1 year with a provision for extension for another year.

Contact Address of IWID

  • 1400 K Street, N. W. Suite 650, Washington, DC 20005
  • Telephone: (202) 898 − 0600
  • Fax: (202) 326 − 7698

The names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the concerned persons are quoted below:

Usha Balakrishnan, Senior Program Officer.

Phone: (202) 326 − 7855.

E-mail address: ubalakrishnan@iie. org

Aimee Fullman, Senior Program Coordinator.

Phone: 202 − 326 − 7710.

E-mail address: afullman@iie. org.

Johns Hopkins University Health and Child Survival Fellows Program (HCSFP)

The main mission of the program is to enrich USAID with experts who can thereby increase the growth of a developing country in the spheres of health, hygiene, population as well as nutrition.


The candidates who have a Masters Degree coupled with a flair for working in the spheres of augmentation of the health-care facilities in the developing countries are entitled to apply. The applicants working in US universities, colleges, organizations of international repute are preferred.

Selection Procedure

Selection of the candidates will be based on the inter bureau committee screening test. They prepare a particular list and then the list will be send to the Director of the HCSFP. The course duration is of 2 years with an extension of another 2 years.

Contact Address of HCSFP

  • 103 East Mount Royal Avenue, 2B, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA
  • Telephone: (410) -659 − 4108
  • Fax: (410) -659 − 4118
  • Email: pseaton@jhsph. edu
  • Web site: Jhuhcsfp. Org/

Population Leadership Program (PLP) Conducted by Public Health Institute

The fellowship will be provided to the executives at the middle level to give support in the spheres of HIV or AIDS and reproductive hygiene and health.

The fellowship is also granted to the executives of USAID for empowering and increasing their leadership as well as technical skill-

Selection Procedure

Candidates who are interested can get information from the PLP website and register themselves to the PLP e-list.

Duration of the program: The duration of the program is 2 years and can be extended for another 2 years.

Address of PLP

  • 529 14th Street, NW, National Press Building, Suite 1030, Washington, D C 20045
  • Telephone: 202 − 661 − 8020
  • Fax: 202 − 661 − 8029
  • Email: info@popldr. org
  • Web site: POPLDR

Sharon Rudy, is the Project Director.

University of Michigan Population Fellows Program (POPF)

Program is conducted to provide and give services in the areas of reproductive health care and population with a goal to enhance the professional commitment as well as skills in the above mentioned topics.

Selection will be usually made by a special board composed of teachers from 8 universities. Duration of the course:

The course duration is 2 years and can be prolonged for another year.

Address of POPF

  • 03 East Mount Royal Avenue, 2B, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA
  • Telephone: (410) -659 − 4108
  • Fax: (410) -659 − 4118
  • Email: pseaton@jhsph. edu
  • Web site of POPF: POPF

Contact Details of Population Reference Bureau International Population Fellows Program

Contact Details of of World Learning Democracy Fellows Program

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