Atlas Shrugged Essay Competition 2016-2017 by Ayn Rand (Download PDF)

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About Atlas Shrugged Essay Competition Ayn Rand: The Atlas Shrugged Essay competition is one of the three essay writing competitions conducted by AYN Rand Education. The student has to write an essay on any of the three topics that are given below in the Application Process.

  • Ayn Rand was Russian-American Novelist, Philosopher and was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, February 2,1905.
  • Worldwide essay contests for students is being conducted by on Ayn Rand՚s fiction since last thirty years. This year 400 prizes totaling more than $ 50,000 will be awarded.
  • Winner of Atlas Shrugged Essay competition for the year 2015 was


Atlas Shrugged Essay Competition Ayn Rand Application form and Process

Atlas Shrugged Essay Competition 2016 - 17 Application Process

  • No application is required.
  • Students can participate in this competition by sending in their entries.
  • One entry per student.

Conducted by: Ayn Rand Education

Eligibility: Class 12, UG students

Last date for Application: Apr 26,2017

- Published/Last Modified on: March 5, 2017

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