Google Code Jam 2017 (Download PDF)

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Google Code Jam is an international programming competition hosted and administered by Google. It was started in 2003. Google Code Jam Competition consists of Algorithmic Problems which needs to be solved in a given amount of time. Google Code Jam competition is in its 13th year and is one of the top, programming competitions in the world. In 2014, approximately 50,000 persons participated in the first-ever live streamed finals.


What is in for Google Code Jam

  • A 27-hour Online Qualification Round taking place on April 9,2017
  • Multiple online rounds
  • The chance to win one of 25 spots at the World Finals on 11 August 2017, held at the Google offices in Dublin, Ireland.
  • A grand prize of $ 15,000 and earning the title of 2017 Code Jam World Champion.

Google Code Jam Selection Process

Google Code Jam takes place over the course of multiple “Rounds,” fixed time frames in which contestants compete to solve a set of algorithmic problems. Rounds take place at scheduled times. Contestants who do well enough in a round advance to future rounds, until the finals, in which the champion is decided. Rounds are of different lengths, varying from 2 hours to 4 hours except for the Qualification Round, which lasts 25 hours

Winner of Google Code Jam 2015

  • The infamous Google Code Jam returns to throw intense algorithmic puzzles at programmers from around the world. of the 50,000 + coders who registered to compete last year, Gennady. Korotkevich who, at the end of it all, stood alone as the Code Jam Champion.
  • Not only he took the title, from reigning champion mystic, after qualifying for the finals in the past but not being able to participate due to his age.

Conducted by: Google

Eligibility: Above 18 years

Last date for Application: Apr 09,2017

- Published/Last Modified on: March 5, 2017

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