Rd Sethna Scholarship for Student in India & Abroad (Download PDF)

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About RD Sethna Scholarshi: RD Sethna Scholarship is one of the oldest Scholarship which was started in the year 1938. Rd Sethna Scholarship Fund aims at granting loan scholarships to those students who are the citizens of India.

Loan awards have been designed to enable students to get scientific, technical, industrial or commercial studies in India or overseas on the condition that all the amount has to repaid with interest and on time given in the agreement. The RD Scholarship Fund is all about granting a loan to students whose parents cannot afford to pay fees of highly reputed colleges or institutes overseas or in India.


RD Sethna Scholarship Reward

  • Once the application gets selected, the applicant will be getting a reward in the form of loan scholarship, and then he could easily pursue his studies overseas or within India.
  • Once the application gets selected, the loan scholarships will be paid to the student in instalments depending on the trustees by looking at the condition of each.

RD Sethna Scholarship Selection Process

RD Sethna Scholarship Selection Procedure

Selection Criteria for RD Sethna Scholarship

  • Academic record of the Student
  • Financial Status of the Parents

Conducted by: RD Sethna Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: Class 12 Pass

Last date for Application: Mar 31,2017 For Overseas Education

- Published/Last Modified on: March 19, 2017

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