Shri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj Scholarships

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Shri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj provides Scholarships for the students of India as well as overseas students of Indian origin, undergoing full-time Degree courses in Indian Universities and IITs in the following subject areas:

  • Medicine (MBBS, BDS, Ayurved and Homeopathy)
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer Science
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary Science
  • Nursing


Around 200 students will be selected for the award of Scholarships on the merit basis.


First year students with a minimum of 70 % marks and others with minimum 60 % marks in their last University examination and the female students studying in first year and above for Nursing and Education with a minimum of 45 % marks are eligible.

Guardian՚s total annual income should not be more than ₹ 60,000/-

Students in receipt of Scholarships from the Central and/or State Government or from their University/Colleges/Institutions will not be eligible.


Application Forms and Copies of Rules will be available from:

  • C/O. Shri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj
  • NK Mehta International House, 178, Backbay Reclamation, Babubhai M. Chinai Marg (Behind LIC “Yogakshema” ) , Mumbai-400 020

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