The Hindu Hitachi Scholarships

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In association with Hitachi Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, ‘THE HINDU’ -India՚s national newspaper awards three Scholarships for technical training in Japan.

Eligibility Conditions

Candidates must have to be Indian citizens and should not be more than 30 years of age on 31.03. 2002 and should be in possession of the minimum Degree of BE or BSC (Engineering) or its equivalent from reputed university. Candidates having minimum one year՚s professional experience can apply.


The Scholarships are tenable in Japan for principally six months. Trainees may have general training in two or more of the following product fields of Hitachi Limited:

  • Information & Telecommunication System.
  • Display (Color display tubes or liquid crystal (TFT) displays) .
  • Digital Media.
  • Power & Industrial System.
  • Industrial Components.
  • Elevators & Escalators.
  • Automotive Components.
  • Air-conditioning Systems.
  • Consumer i.e.. . Home Appliance and Audio-Visual products of Hitachi, being subject to the convenience of each of Hitachi՚s establishments.

Trainees during their training session, under the supervision as well as direction of Hitachi, which has full discretion on scope, mode, duration and place of establishment of their training. Training however will not be available in the design and R & D activities of Hitachi.

Scholarships are for only for one academic year (9 to 12 months) and are administered by the British Council offices in Ottawa and in Britain.

Financial Support

Trainees who got selected will be provided with return Economy Class air passage. Arrangements will also be made for free Boarding and Lodging for trainees in Japan and to defray all expenses for travelling in Japan which are necessary for their training. Also, each trainee will be paid a monthly fixed allowance for the personal expenses incurred by him.

The Selection Committee will consider in particular, the candidate՚s academic achievements, creative ability, leadership potential, employment record (if any) and interests outside their professional field.


Parents or guardians of selected candidates shall guarantee their good conduct and shall undertake to pay for their repatriation should their conduct be found unsatisfactory by Hitachi Limited, or any, public authority in Japan or in case the selected candidates desire to discontinue their studies in Japan for any reason whatsoever during the period of their scholarships.

Applications are available with the Regional Hindu offices and for the further details follow the under mentioned contacts:

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