Houblon-Norman Fellowships

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The Houblon-Norman Fund was instituted by the Bank of England. Houblon-Norman and George fellowships are awarded “to enhance research into and disseminate knowledge and understanding of the working, interaction and function of financial business institutions in Great Britain and elsewhere and the economic conditions affecting them”


The Trustees invite applicants to engage in full-time research on an economic or financial topic of their own choice, preferably one that could be studied with particular advantage at the Bank of England. There is one application procedure that covers Houblon-Norman and George Fellowships. Teaching or other paid work shall not be undertaken during the tenure of the Fellowship without the particular consent of the Trustees. The length of the appointment will be by agreement with successful applicants, but will not normally be less than one month or longer than one year. Senior Fellowships will be awarded to differentiated research workers who have established a reputation in their respective field.

Financial Assistance

Fellowships will also be available for younger post-doctoral or equivalent applicants. The total amount distributed in any year rarely exceeds £ 120,000. The Fellowship will be tenable at the Bank of England and subject to certain conditions, the successful candidate will be provided with office accommodation and secretarial and other necessary support services.

The award for this appointment will broadly reflect the circumstances of the successful candidate and will be what appears necessary to enable the work to be undertaken; in appropriate circumstances the award might take the form either in whole or part of payment to the individual՚s present employer. A further allowance may be allowed to cover travelling expenses or other costs incidental to the work.

In considering applications, the Trustees will pay particular regard to the relevance of the research to current problems in economics and finance. The conditions governing applications for Houblon-Norman and George Senior Fellowships and Fellowships are as follows-

Senior Fellowships will be open to all nationalities. For ordinary Fellowships, however, preference will be shown to British and other EU nationals. The Trustees are keen that the results of research assisted by them should be published. In addition, a successful applicant will be expected to comply with any particular conditions laid down, such as the signing of a declaration of secrecy, in respect of the confidentiality of the Bank՚s business and to provide reports from time to time to the Trustees on the progress of their work.

  • Applicants are advised to allow for any increases in costs expected during the course of the research.
  • Applications will not be considered “out of season” save in exceptional circumstances.
  • For application as well as other information, visit the official website: Bank of England Fellowship

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