Indian National Scholarship Scheme

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Indian Government provides around 38,000 scholarships for higher studies to outstanding students in a range of subjects. Range could be even from undergraduate to postgraduate courses, to PG Diploma courses as well as vocational courses in any of the following broad categories quoted below:

  • Arts.
  • Science.
  • Commerce.

Scholarships will be provided by the state as well as central Universities and other higher academic institutes all over the country.


Candidates must have Indian citizenship and they must be willing to do the course on full time basis and not employed anywhere.

Parental monthly income should not be more than ₹ 25,000/-

Candidates looking for scholarship help must have scored atleast 60 % in the qualifying exam or test.

Financial Support

The amount of scholarship will differ from course to course, Regarding the nature of the course or whether the candidate requires residential stay/hostel expenses, the range of the financial help from these Indian national scholarships differs from ₹ 10,000/to ₹ 36,000/-yearly.


The educational Boards or Universities will send copies of the provisionally selected candidates to the desired state government from which, deserving candidates will be selected on merit basis. The scholarship is renewable within the same level of subject as per the performance of candidate.

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