Inlaks Scholarships

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Inlaks Scholarships are provided by Inlaks Foundation, Delhi for the outstanding candidates for studying senior-status B A (2 years) at oxford and Cambridge University/2 years masters-level courses including MA, MSC, M-Phil etc. Doctoral studies leading to PHD or MPhil/LLM/particular Projects in various different subjects within the disciplines of humanities, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences, Applied Science Medicine Architecture Business Administration Communication like Film, Visual and Print Journalism as well as Special Education, Law Fine Arts (painting print-making, sculpture) Applied Arts Conservation, Art Preservation, Textile and Fashion Design, Theatre and Dance, Music and Compositions (expect Engineering Computer Science, Management & Journalism) in Europe, UK and USA.


  • Indian residents with Bachelor՚s degree are eligible to apply for Inlaks Scholarships.
  • Prior admission in all the courses is must.
  • Candidates who have studied abroad are however not eligible.
  • Age Limit is 30 years.
  • Selection procedure will consist of an Interview, held in the month of June.
  • For more information, go to the link: Inlaks Scholarship

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