K C Mahindra Scholarships

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K C Mahindra scholarships will be given for post-graduate studies in abroad by the trustees of K C Mahindra Education Trust. It is an interest free loan scholarship to Indian nationals for post-graduate studies in various different fields such as advanced studies in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Medicine & Business Management including the study of Military, Naval and Aviation Sciences. The maximum amount of scholarship payable to any scholar shall not exceed ₹ 95,000/-. Applicants for these scholarships need to fulfil the conditions quoted below:


  • Candidates must have a First Class degree or an equivalent diploma from a well reputed Indian university.
  • Candidates studying in the Final Year of degree or diploma courses are also eligible to apply, provided they have to give their Final Year Certificate before the end of June 2006.
  • Government and Quasi-Government Officers with a creditable academic record, going abroad for specialized qualifications are also eligible.


For applications and more details, candidates can contact the following address:

The Executive Secretary, K C Mahindra Education Trust, Cecil Court, 3rd Floor, Near Regal Cinema, Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, Mumbai-400 001, India.

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