The Paul Foundation Scholarships 2007

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Applications are being invited for The Paul Foundation Scholarships 2007 from outstanding as well as marvelous graduates and post graduates for study, leading up to a degree at top ranked Universities, Institutes and Centres in India and Overseas in their chosen areas of specialisation.

The Paul Foundation Scholarships 2007 will be recognised to motivate scholars with demonstrated ability and intellectual excellence to cultivate thoughtful and thought-provoking work and hence contribute positively towards maintaining a knowledge society. The choice of subjects is diverse but no all-inclusive.

Eligibility for Scholarship

Candidates must have a first class degree at the undergraduate and post graduate levels and must have submitted their applications to the universities of their choice at the time of applying to The Paul Foundation.

Candidates who are in their final undergraduate year with exceptional results can also apply. Candidates age must be below 30 years as on November 1,2006 and they must be resident in India.

Financial Assistance for Scholarship

Scholarships will be given in full or in part for the academic, living and travel expenses for one year or a maximum of two years.

Application Details for Scholarship

Application forms will be available at our office, address given below, from November21,2006.

Forms can be downloaded from thepaulfoundation. org

Important Dates

Queries about the scholarship will be dealt with online and in person on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11 am-1 pm & 2 pm-4 pm respectively.

Completed applications must reach the above address not later than 15, February 2007.

Mandatory Interview for Scholarships will be held after May 2007.


  • The Paul Foundation, 15 Park Street, Kolkata-700 016
  • Ph: 033 − 2229 5455 − 58

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