Tata Innovation Fellowship

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Nominations are invited for Tata Innovation Fellowship a competitive new scheme established by the Biotechnology department to recognize and reward scientists with marvelous track record in biological sciences and a dedicated commitment to search innovative solutions to major problems in health care, agriculture and other areas related to life sciences and biotechnology.

The scientist should have publications of highest order and contributed to knowledge generation with significant impact in the field or translational possibilities for development of a process or product and have done some specific work with high degree of innovation. The nominee should also highlight prestigious award (s) and other recognitions such as fellowship (s) of major academies. This scheme is intended to complement similar schemes of other funding agencies. The nominations (10 copies) duly forwarded by the host institute may be sent to Principal Scientific Officer, Department of Biotechnology, Block-2,6 − 8th Floor, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003 latest by 15th December, 2006 on the prescribed format available on DBT website DBT.


The main objective is to reward interdisciplinary work of high quality with more focus on innovation.


All areas of Life Sciences and Biotechnology covering related areas in health care, agriculture, engineering, environment science etc will be included by this fellowship.


The fellowship is open to Indian Nationals residing in India who are below the age of 60 years. The applicant must has a PHD degree in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary Science or a Master՚s degree in Medical Sciences, Engineering or an equal degree in Biotechnology related areas. The applicant must have adequate professional experience in the particular area. The candidate must have a regular position in a University, Institute, Organization and should be indulged in research and development. If he or she is getting any other fellowship, he or she will have to opt for only one of the fellowships. Under this competitive scheme only a limited number of awards will be given every year.


The duration of the fellowship will be basically for three years in starting and then extendable later by two years on a fresh appraisal.

Financial Support

Amount of the fellowship will be ₹ 20,000/-per month in addition to regular salary from the host institute. Also, each Fellow will receive a contingency grant of ₹ 5.00 lakh per annum for meeting the expenses on consumables, equipment, international and domestic travel, manpower and other contingent expenditure to be incurred in connection to implement the ongoing research. The Fellows are expected to play role of mentor by organizing a science meeting during the tenure of the fellowship with predominantly young scientists as participants. The number of scientists participating in such meetings should be in the range of 15 − 30. The meeting will create a road map for research in his or her area of interest. DBT will provide support of the meeting. The Tata Innovation Fellows are eligible for regular research grants through extramural and other research schemes of various S&T agencies of the Government of India.

Host Institution

The candidate will continue to work at the place of his or her employment. The Institution where the candidate is working would give the essential infrastructure and administrative support for conducting the research.


Selection of Tata Innovation Fellows will be made by a deserving and encouraging Selection Committee spcifically appointed for this purpose.

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